Hungry Shark Evolution features more than 20 playable sharks of different sizes and with various abilities, inspired by real sharks or legendary monsters! Head to the shark selection screen to purchase new sharks and swipe through your collection.

Classic sharks - ramp up from the little reef shark to the most powerful sea monsters! The more your shark eats, the bigger it gets. Level up to level 10 to make the next shark available for coin purchase. From Great White onwards, you would need to take your latest shark out for one game session to unlock the next shark for gem purchase. Check the 'What are the classic sharks?' FAQ to know about each one of them!

Special sharks - Professor Kempstein is a rogue professor pushing the limits of science by experimenting on sharks, creating unnatural hybrids! You can unlock the Professor's laboratory after your first game. Unlike Classic sharks, you can buy special sharks in any order, no matter what your progression is, but you can't equip any items on them. Special sharks come with fantastic special powers but they don't grow like regular sharks. Once your game session ends, they return to their initial size. Tap on the "Special Sharks" icon on the bottom left of your Evolve Menu to open the lab. Check the 'What are the special sharks?' FAQ to know more about each one of them!