The Giant Enemy Crab is a massive crab boss living inside the Crab Lair on the left end of the main level. Defeating the Giant Enemy Crab will grant you coins and gems as reward, but be prepared as it is larger than most of the first sharks in the game. To defeat the Giant Enemy Crab, you have to dodge the attacks from the claws before its weak spot is exposed (flashes green). Once exposed, make sure to boost into it to cause damage.

The Giant Enemy Crab has 4 versions of different colours, and is much bigger and stronger every time. You may have to wait before the next version appears. The final boss is the Black Enemy Crab and it only shows up once the other crabs have been defeated. This last boss enemy can respawn and carries high rewards, but the respawn rate after defeating it is much lower. Try reaching a high score to increase the chances to find it!

Struggling to beat the last boss? Try the Crab Fork to deal double damage!
Please note; the Giant Enemy Crab isn't available on low-end devices.