The ocean is a dangerous place: you will encounter enemy sharks, submarines, paragliders, very rare giant versions of Kempybass, cage divers, fishing boats and more! Here are some tips to defeat the toughest ones:

  • Submarine: you just need to boost into the front window, but watch out for its torpedo attacks!
  • Enemy Sharks: there is an Enemy version of each playable hungry shark swimming in the levels. Wait for your Gold Rush to chomp on the biggest ones!
  • Paragliders: you'll need something to reach them in the sky! Equipping your shark with the Jetpack accessory should do the trick.
  • Fishing boats: As a small shark, you can boost out of the water and eat the fishermen in the boat. But if you have the Megalodon or bigger, you will eat the entire boat whole! It's a feast for the eyes!