Patch Notes – Operation Aurora 


New “Shooting Range” Feature 

  • Accessible through the Operator screen, the Shooting Range allows players to test their weapons and gadgets against targets and dummies.   


Death Flow Update 

  • Death flow has been updated with more information for players to understand what happened in the last moments before they were killed. These include: 

  • Addition of a panel display on death flow with details on damage dealt and received about the player's killer. 

  • Addition of a panel with loadout information of spectating players. 

  • Addition of a countdown timer for time left until the player respawns. 


HUD – Icon Updates 

  • Updated Ping button icon to match in-game Ping marker. 

  • Updated icon sets to be more consistent in-game. 

  • Updated the UI visuals of in-game menu buttons. 



  • Automatic aiming is no longer canceled after shooting in a match. 

  • Players start matches fully loaded when they enter with a large magazine. 

  • Increased frequency of bots using throwable gadgets. 

  • Added Death Tips that appear as soon as the death zoom starts. 

  • Removed visibility of the Interrogate icon for all friendly Operators while close to an enemy Operator in the DBNO state. 


  • Border 

  • Improved the lighting. 

  • Fixed some collision issues. 


  • Clubhouse 

  • Improved various map models. 

  • Fixed some missing collisions. 


  • Oregon 

  • Improved the lighting.  

  • Improved various map models. 

  • Fixed some missing collisions. 


  • Bank  

  • Improved the lighting.  

  • Improved various map models.  

  • Improved various textures. 

  • Fixed some missing collisions. 



  • Changed the default status to Ready when a player joins a Fireteam. 

  • The Ranked icon is now displayed when players are in a Fireteam. 

  • The Player Profile UI layout has been updated. 

  • The Profile Customization touch area has been adjusted. 

  • Leaderboard navigation has been improved. 

  • Optimized the Invitation/Join icon in the Friend list. 

  • Added slight animation and SFX improvements to the “Pending Friend Request” window. 



  • Adjusted the positions of objective and player messages for improved player readability. 

  • Added an outline to the Operator's icon on the top bar to show who you are currently viewing (both for yourself when active, or for other players when spectating). 

  • End of round win and defeat screens updated to be consistent with Victory/Defeat screens. 


  • Updated the notification badge system: 

  • Numbers no longer appear (except in the Friends list). 

  • Fixed various inconsistencies in notification badge usage. 

  • Updated the timers for Challenges: 

  • Changed the format for the remaining time. 

  • Added timers to Battle Pass Challenges. 

  • Improved wording of events to make them more understandable. 

  • Introduced the Operator Unlock item to allow players to immediately unlock an Operator after purchasing them. 

  • Added rules and goals for game modes when loading a match. 

  • Added transition animations between menus for mid to high-end devices. 

  • Adjusted some motions and animations in Post-Match screens. 

  • Slightly reduced the loading time in the initial boot sequence (more significant improvements will come later). 

  • Implemented various fixes related to: 

  • Boot sequence 

  • Events 

  • Challenges 

  • Battle Pass 

  • Operator Mastery 

Core Tech 

  • Improved Graphics settings in menus leading to improved GPU performance. 

  • The FPS cap option has been increased on some devices to 60. 

  • Significant reduction in memory usage. 

  • Performance improvement for Mute's disabled noise effect.  


  • Added impact sound effects and haptics for drone wall collision. 

  • Smoothed out drone engine sound effects, and made Start and Stop engine events snappier and more responsive. 

  • Added ambient sound effects and sound propagation. 

  • Added sound effects to the Shooting Range. 

  • Added sound effects for various MVP animations. 

  • Added unique Main Menu music for Aurora. 

  • Updated the announcer voiceover in Team Deathmatch. 

  • Added new announcer voiceover for: 

  • Operator Selection Begins 

  • Player's Turn Operator Selection 

  • Clutch / Ace / Flawless Victory 

  • Adjusted overall game mix and loudness:  

  • "Headphones" mode is now louder and better balanced.  

  • "Speakers" mode remains relatively unaffected.  


  • Images in the Shop will now load faster. 


Player Onboarding 

  • Improved the wording on introductory banners. 

  • Implemented small quality of life improvements for the Tutorials: 

  • Improved visuals of the checklist. 

  • Slight change to the Biohazard Container location in the Attacker tutorial. 




  • Decreased the time of triggering health regen in Team Deathmatch to a 5-second delay.  

  • Disabled stolen Armor Pack interaction feedback. 

  • Disabled some “destroyed” interaction feedback to reduce information of where enemies were in the map, specifically for: Armor Pack, Booby Trap, Shock Wire, Magpie, Jammer, Gyro Cam. 



  • Fixed a few bugs with Charms. 

  • Fixed an issue in which Operators couldn't rappel from windows. 

  • Fixed missing hit marker feedback when damaging an enemy Operator. 

  • Fixed an issue where death animations were sometimes missing when the last Operator of a team gets killed. 

  • Fixed the visuals of primary weapons when held upside down in third-person view. 

  • Fixed navigation issues causing bots to get stuck. 

  • Fixed bots being unable to deploy gadgets in some conditions. 

  • Fixed bots being unable to destroy barricades in some conditions. 

  • Fixed an issue with bots being stuck while attempting to destroy invincible targets. 

  • Fixed the names of certain in-game items. 

  • Fixed a possible connection error encountered while trying to play a match. 

  • Fixed screen corrupting visual glitches when entering matches in certain devices. 

  • Fixed interaction feedback that displayed incorrect colors for successful interaction with: Booby Trap, Breaching Round, Shock Wire, Magpie, Jammer. 

  • Fixed a bug where the breaching round gadget remained visually equipped if activated right after throwing a drone. 

  • Fixed a bug that happened when Kapkan tried picking up his Entry Denial Device. 



  • Fixed a bug where some blue “Cancel” buttons would overlap the usual red “Cancel” buttons in certain states. 

  • Fixed a bug where the gadget cooldown would continually reset but never update the gadget count in Team Deathmatch. 

  • Fixed an issue with missing Camera/Drone cycling buttons during spectator view. 

  • Fixed an issue with missing proximity damage indicators. 



  • Fixed an issue that was generating a bright flash during reveal animations in the shop. 

  • Fixed some missing animations on items and weapon displays. 

  • Fixed the horizontal scrolling in the Shop. 

  • Fixed a loading issue that could happen when opening Bundles. 

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a soft lock when selecting Shop elements. 


Player Onboarding 

  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck outside the Bank in the Attacker tutorial. 

  • Fixed a bug where the UI overlay remained on screen when a player lost their internet connection.