New Features 

  • Players can now reconnect to matches at the start of the next round if they were previously disconnected 

  • Downloading new assets will now automatically retry indefinitely unless stopped by the player 


  • App does not hang anymore when going into the background 

  • Made slight reduction in app size and memory usage 

  • Made slight performance improvement during gameplay 

  • Improved performance to load times and upon session start  

  • 30FPS cap on some devices increased in options to unlock 60FPS 

  • Significant performance improvement for Mute's Jammer noise effect 





  • All semi-automatic weapons now shoot at their fastest fire rate when holding down the shoot button (some recoils were tweaked to be adjusted to the new RPM) 

  • Reduced throw distances across all gadgets 

  • Adjusted C4 throwing animation 

  • Adjusted drone jump 

[Operator Glaz]  

  • Made primary weapon balance changes to address his reduced usefulness with one shot head shots 

  • OTs-03 body shots now deal 75-70 damage (up from 70-60) 

  • Thermal mode body shots now deal 150 damage and always skip DBNO 

  • Default magazine size changed to 15 (from 10) and additional ammo to 60 (from 30) 

  • Additional tweaks to fire rate, recoil and transition speed 

  • Reworked the aim assist for thermal mode 

[Operator Mute]  

  • Increased the radius of the jammer’s warning effect 


  • Added warning text to shock drone interruption 

  • Kapkan's EDD laser is now visible to enemies depending on the distance 

  • Death tips now appear for 15 seconds and then disappear 

  • Shrapnel VFX added during soft wall explosions 

  • Added ‘Error Screen’ feedback to EMP grenade 

  • Made improvements to transition animations while swapping weapons 

  • Added a preview of Hibana's X-Kairos explosion size 

  • Reworked Caveira's proximity indicator for interrogation 

  • Added different wobble intensity when an ally is going through barbed wire 

  • Added floating icon to show Jäger’s Magpie location once placed, with an outline visible through the walls to teammates but not to enemies 

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue where Hibana's shooting screen shake was being felt by enemies 

  • Fixed an issue where the claymore was not killing at the tip of the laser 

  • Fixed an issue where some attachments were applying the wrong stats 

  • Fixed an issue where the EMP grenade wasn’t disabling optics and siderail attachments 

  • Fixed an issue where C4 beeping was appearing on the audio compass from very far away 

  • Various other bug fixes and optimizations 





Weapon Attachments 

Updated the way magazines function to be flat numbers instead of % (for example +5 or +10 bullets instead of 5% or 10%): 

  • Extended 

  • Flat number depending on the weapon category instead of % 

  • Large 

  • Flat number depending on the weapon category instead of % 

  • Quick 

  • Removed downsized magazine 

  • Now –20% in ammo reserves 

  • Light 

  • Removed downsized magazine 

  • Now –20% in ammo reserves 


Controller Support 

  • Introducing Beta support for selected controllers


  • Improved bot navigation 

  • Added Graphic Quality info to HUD overlay 

  • Added Game Mode tips for better understanding of the rules 

  • Improved clipping of Operators when up against walls while in prone 

  • Improved the clarity of some attachment descriptions 

  • Added SFX when players are prone and crawling around 

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed several clipping animations with weapon attachments 

  • Fixed several instances of drones falling through the map 

  • Fixed an issue where a barricade is not deployed when two Defenders are deploying a barricade to the same door or window 

  • Fixed several crashes related to game modes 

  • Fixed several issues related to defuser deployment 




  • Significantly reworked the Ranked menu with new rewards for each division 

  • Reduced the number of matches required to unlock the Ranked mode from 10 down to 5 

  • Seasonal Rank Reset: Players with a rank equal to or higher than Silver will be placed a whole rank below, and star medals will be kept. Bronze and Rookie players do not have their ranking reset. Master level players will be reset to Diamond IV without any star medals 

  • Added Valor protection: Players will get the Valor Shield based on match performance. The Valor Shield can offset the player’s match failure penalty one time 

  • Added Win Streaks: Players get an extra medal when reaching a 3-win streak and for every subsequent win. Losing a match will end the win streak (disconnects included)  


  • Optimized the option to kick Fireteam members from the Fireteam lobby 

  • Removed “force unready” configuration while in a Fireteam  

Friends List 

  • Revamped the friends list and added a shortcut on the social menu to invite friends more easily 

  • Added a ‘Pending Request’ pop up window 

  • Added friends suggestion to help players find potential friends 




  • Menu button is now customizable 

UI Improvements 

  • Added new health marker 

  • Gradual opacity added to help with marker noise in the middle of the screen 

  • Added opacity and scale sliders in Settings for markers 





  • Reworked the lighting system in all maps 

  • Updated the graphic style system 

  • Reworked the police car 


  • Improved reflections 

  • Rework of the mesh in the lobby and on the balcony 


  • Improved reflections 


  • Reworked the LOD (Level of Detail) of the mesh 


  • Reworked the LOD of the mesh 




  • Heavy Operators (3 Armor) are now louder 

  • Weapon obstruction should now sound smoother when enemies and allies transition between rooms while shooting 

  • Smoothed out player Footsteps and Foley to sound more natural when moving 

  • Made audio adjustments to global and Ranked game modes  

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed Ace Victory lines upon bomb being defused 

  • Added missing SFX to a few buttons and UI transitions 




General Notes 

  • Reintroduced OG skins back to the game 

  • Fixed a variety of bugs where certain attachments couldn't be collected 

Operator Mastery 

  • Added new Operator mastery levels 

  • All attachments, previously in training events, are now in Mastery 


Events Screen 


  • Overhauled the screen to be more on par with the Battle Pass 


Operator Training Events 

  • Training events have been rebalanced 

  • Added large amounts of Operator XP as rewards, replacing attachments 

  • Removed redundant challenges to make training events feel much tighter 

  • Progression on previous training events will be removed, while earnable rewards will remain the same 


Loot Box Improvements & Changes 

  • Made various improvements to the reveal sequence: 

  • Enhanced build-up 

  • Improved lighting 

  • More dynamic camera framing 

  • Opening sequence tweaked to tease rarity (pack explosion color) 

  • Added an EQUIP button to directly equip the obtained reward from the reveal screen 

  • Added spin and zoom options to be able to interact with 3D rewards 

  • Implemented a variant of the existing loot box flow for players in Netherlands, Belgium and UK. The transaction happens after the reveal of the reward, and players can decide not to purchase the reward 


Battle Pass 

  • Added 10 more Battle Pass tiers 

  • Daily Battle Pass challenges no longer require you to play in a specific map or game mode 

  • Tightened the balance of Ticket distribution compared to previous season 

  • Seasonal video is now triggered when viewing the Battle Pass for the first time 

  • Added a button to view the video again 

  • Added a button to access the seasonal story of the Battle Pass 

  • Added a button to directly access Battle Pass challenges 

  • Changed Battle Pass season cosmetics to be displayed on the main menu 

  • Main menu background will reflect the ongoing season 

  • Highlighted Operators for the season (Battle Pass, loot boxes, bundles and new Operator) will be able to appear with their new skins and loadouts 


Prematch Flow 


  • Added the option to skip the Operator selection screen in certain game modes 

  • Cleaned up and improved readability in pre-match, especially the Operator selection screen 


Boot Sequence 


  • Made improvements to boot sequence flow 


3D and Lighting in Menus 


  • Added a highlight effect to attachments when viewing a weapon in menus (to better see which attachment is being selected) 

  • Improved camera framing and transitioning to better showcase weapons and attachments 

  • Improved lighting for MVP animations in menus 

  • Added dynamic lighting to 3D assets in menus 

  • Cleaned up and removed obsolete VFX 


UI Improvements and Polish 

  • Re-enabled the reflection animation on Call-to-Action buttons 

  • Increased the speed of progression happening in the post-match flow 

  • Updated the reward pop-up to have: 

  • The name of the item (single reward) 

  • The equip button (single reward) 

  • Players can now see the Operator unlock video if that Operator is recruited during the post-match flow 

  • Adjusted the button layout in the main menu to better emphasize Events 

  • Added physics to the charms in menus 


Performance and Optimization 


  • Improved the font system to fix various issues with Asian languages 

  • Enabled device grading in the main menu to help low end devices cool off outside of gameplay 

  • Implemented various bug fixes