• Improvements to balancing and damage systems:
    • Enabled one-shot headshots
    • When a player shoots an enemy in the head within their optimal range, the enemy will skip DBNO and be eliminated
    • If they are hit further than their optimal range, they will only go DBNO
    • Increased headshot damaged from 2.5x to 6x
    • Reduced penetration damage from 60% to 30


  • Removed color rarity on operators
  • Reworked rarity scale to be series based to make sense of operator releases and viability in gameplay


  • Integrated a cleaner render texture blur when a pop-up appears onscreen
  • Added the proper credits buttons and web view
  • Updated the loading view of rounds to ensure the correct game mode name is visible
  • Improved loadout icons for attachments
  • Improved pre-match load times to be quicker
  • Improved visual for playlist button to be more interactive and legible
  • Improved playlist tabs to display correct game mode and event name


  • Added a checklist for objectives
  • Added onboarding for attachments, battle pass and operator details


  • Added ranked leaderboard
  • Season reset:
    • Players with a rank equal to or higher than silver will place a whole rank below (Ex: If you end the season as Gold II you will start from Silver II next season)
    • Bronze and Rookie players do not reset their ranking
  • Ranked info: Added a detailed description to let players know how ranked mode functions in the ranked landing screen
  • Ranked Background in Fireteam
  • Added SFX in post-match rank-up menu


  • General UX improvements to the friends list
  • Added push notifications from friends in post-match


  • Fixed an issue where Kapkan difficulty is shown as ‘Intermediate’ when it is supposed to be ‘Easy’
  • Fixed an issue where the flash bang from stun grenades can blind users when thrown farther than 15 meters


  • Fixed a clipping issue with the ACOG 2.5x scope on Thatcher
  • Fixed an issue with grenade charges not regenerating on TDM game mode
  • Fixed red highlights disappearing randomly
  • Fixed an issue with shotguns not destroying beams in soft walls
  • Fixed an issue where the drone HUD and camera remain visible when the drone is destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where a placeholder Sledge icon could be seen when scanning other operators
  • Fixed an issue where the kill hit maker and SFX don't occur when a teammate kills the enemy that the player DBNO’ed
  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to cook grenades indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue where a drone is destroyed when navigating towards the first wall section of the South part of EXT Caravan
  • Fixed an issue with some attachments mentioning non-functional Sprint-To-Fire mod
  • Fixed an issue causing Error 1102 when using a drone in the FTUE
  • Fixed an issue where misplaced animations are present on most of the gadgets during deployment while having a high FOV setting
  • Fixed an issue causing Error 1105 during operator selection phase
  • Fixed an issue where the reload action is not cancelled when the player uses melee attacks during reload animation
  • Various bug fixes related to events, mastery, battle pass, operator recruitment, loadouts, ticket packs and loot boxes