If your account has been banned, first we advise you to check the ban reason you will see on your device screen and/or in the notification email you will receive. Then you can get familiar with our [Code of Conduct] to refrain from similar behaviors or activities in your upcoming matches.

After checking the ban reason and our code of conduct, if you strongly believe that you have not done anything wrong you can submit a ticket to our support team to appeal the sanction. Please note that our support team cannot make exceptions to remove sanctions and false appeals might cause an extension on the ban durations.  

To contact our support team regarding your ban appeal, please:

  • Go to our support page and click on the chat button to initiate a conversation with our support bot which will guide you through.
  • Provide the requested information and select the “Bans and Sanctions” and “Ban/Sanction Appeal” categories.
  • Describe your request in detail and submit your case so that a member of our support team can review it.
You will receive a response from our support team usually within 48hours.