What is 2-Step Verification?

2-Step Verification is an ACCOUNT SECURITY measure that Ubisoft offers for your Ubisoft account. This feature is optional and is not required to use a Ubisoft account but note that it is necessary to play Ranked Mode in Rainbow Six Mobile. 

How do I use 2-Step Verification?  

If you choose to set up 2-Step Verification on your Ubisoft account, you will be asked to provide a unique code when you log in to your account. The codes are randomly generated by the application and can be delivered to you via:  

To use the Google Authenticator App from your mobile device, you are required to provide a valid mobile number and add this to your Ubisoft account. 


How does this help secure my account?  

If someone attempts to login to your account while 2-Step Verification is enabled, they will be asked to provide a verification code that can only be provided through the application associated with your personal mobile device or unique email address.  

Unless they have access to your mobile device or email account, they should not be able to access your account since they will not be able to provide the correct verification codes being generated for your account. You will also receive an email from us informing you about SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY if any unusual attempts to access your account are identified. 

If you do not want to enter a new code every time you log in to a trusted computer, you can also manage your TRUSTED DEVICES for your home computer if you'd like.  

Where is 2-Step Verification applied?  

2-Step verification is used for all of our key services that contain your personal information, such as the Ubisoft Connect PC client. As part of our efforts to secure our players' accounts, we are working to deploy 2-Step verification across more Ubisoft destinations in the future. 

Should you encounter any issues with 2-Step verification, you can reference our TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE or contact our team for ASSISTANCE. 

Please note that you do not need to have access to your verification or RECOVERY codes to contact us. In the interest of security, we will take you through an alternate Account Ownership Verification process before we make any changes to your account.