Secure Area

Secure Area is a game mode where the attacking team must locate the room that holds the biohazard container. To win the round, they must be able to hold this position for 10 consecutive seconds. 

The defenders must prevent the opposing team from reaching the room and contest the takeover. As long as a defender is in the zone, the timer stops and becomes contested.

The round ends when the location is secured by the attackers, the timer of the round ends, or one of the two teams loses all Operators.


In this game mode, the attackers must find the room containing two bombs. Once the room has been found, they must breach the premises in order to plant the defuser. They win the game if they manage to defuse one of the two bombs, or if they eliminate the entire opposing team.

The defenders must barricade and secure the room to prevent the enemy team from reaching the bombs. To win the round, they can destroy the defuser after it has been set, eliminate the opposing team, or hold their location and prevent attackers from planting the defuser until the round’s time runs out.

Team Deathmatch

This limited playlist will offer a more casual experience for Rainbow Six Mobile players. Two teams of five will face off in a battle where death is no longer an elimination. With respawning enabled, the first team to reach 20 kills or have the most kills when the countdown expires will be victorious.

Team Deathmatch will be available on weekdays.

Blast Pit

This is classic Team Deathmatch rules, but players can only use impact grenades with infinite ammo. Operators have reduced health, so they die in one hit if the grenade explodes close enough. Operator selection forces players to pick Recruit only. All Operators have 50hp and run like a lightweight class.


Secure or Endure

Using Secure Area rules, this mode only has 2 rounds, both targeting the same room. Players can respawn, but as the round progresses Defenders must wait longer to come back. Respawning does not refill gadgets, so you might want to hold onto them. The fastest team to secure the objective during their turn on the attacker side wins the match. If neither team manages to capture the objective, the team with the most kills wins. If both teams have the same number of kills, then the team that got First Blood wins.

Ranked Mode

Uses only the Bomb game mode, in best of 7 rounds. Playing on this mode affects your rank, from Rookie IV to Master. Higher ranks help progress the Ranked event, and some milestones directly grant rewards like Mastery Tokens and charms. Your rank is separate from your MMR. Ranks reset after each season. There are also weekly challenges that only progress by playing in this mode, granting XP in the Ranked event.