Thank you for taking part in the Regional Beta for The Division Resurgence.

As you know, this test was an opportunity for us to introduce monetization into the game and to test the different mechanics linked to it. In order to make sure balancing and game experience is optimum for all our players when the game launches later this year, all accounts will be reset at the end of each phase of the Regional Beta will all your purchases and ingame items being reset also.

However, at launch, any purchases made in-game with real-world money will be refunded in the form of in-game premium currency at the launch of the game based on how much money they've spent during Regional Beta.

The compensation will be via Premium Credits, automatically credited to the player's account used on Regional Beta. Players simply need to login using the same account after launch to receive the compensation.

What's more, we will also include a bonus for any in-app purchases during the Regional Beta. Up to and including the equivalent of 300 USD, players will receive 150% of the Premium Currency value. For the total spent above the equivalent of 300 USD, players will still receive 120% of Premium Currency value!

In practice, this means if a player spent the equivalent of 400 USD during the Regional Beta, they will be compensated in the form of Premium Credits equivalent of the equivalent of 570 USD (300x1.5 + 100x1.2).

Do reach out to us via the Customer Support webpage if you have any further questions on this.

Thank you,

The Division Resurgence Team