In order to sign up for the Clash of Beasts Battle Leader Program,  you must meet the following requirements.  

All applications, game, and social media accounts (if any), are subject to review by the Clash of Beasts Team. Not meeting these requirements might lead to rejection or removal from the program if you have already joined.


  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must have a Discord account  and should be active on the Clash of Beasts Discord
  • Having a Reddit account is highly encouraged but not mandatory
  • You must be an active and positive member of the Clash of Beasts community
  • You must have proficiency in the English language  

Game Account  

  • You need a Clash of Beasts game account with at least 30 hours of game time and player level 25
  • You should have an in-depth understanding of Clash of Beasts and gameplay experience
  • Your in-game name should not contain any offensive or inappropriate terms
  • You should not have any history of suspension, warning, or any misconduct on any of your game accounts at any point in time
  • You must abide by the Clash of Beasts Code of Conduct as well as Ubisoft's Code of Conduct and Terms of Use  


  • Game passion: After having established expertise in the game, players will reach out to you for advice or answers  
  • Sensitivity: You must be understanding and tactful when dealing with other players. You also need to be sensitive to cultural differences  
  • Professionalism: Maintaining a high level of professionalism through effective communication and asking engaging questions will show genuine intentions and gain trust of the community
  • Online presence:  You must establish a strong presence within the community, offering your help consistently