Your game account's safety should be your top priority. Here are some safety tips to make sure your account is secured:  

Use unique, strong passwords  

Never use an email password that is simple or is easy to guess, such as your own name, your account name, birthday, "12345", etc. Use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters with a minimum total length of eight characters.

Change your email passwords regularly  

Even if your account is not compromised or you are not aware of your credentials being stolen, we recommend changing your password every few months.

Never share your email password with anyone  

Ubisoft or any staff member will never ever ask for your account's password. Your password belongs to you and you alone.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

This means you need to pass another layer of authentication, not just your username and password, to get into your account.  

Never download files from untrusted sources  

They could contain malicious files capable of obtaining your password.  

Never share your phone or accounts  

Do not provide untrusted people access to your mobile phone or even your game account. Their misconduct may get your account compromised.

Ignore suspicious players  

If you come across players advertising suspicious websites, selling accounts, or trying to share files with you, ignore their message but report them to our Customer Support Team.